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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 24)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, Training Industry ponders the role decision making in IT learning, Certification Magazine focuses on another facet of (ISC)² certification, and more.

An Oft-Overlooked and Vital Element of Effective IT Training


IT professionals need to learn how to make smart decisions.It takes a lot of qualities to create a well-rounded IT professional, but there can sometimes be a tendency to expect "the tech guys" to emerge fully-formed from their private study and training bubble, like Athena springing out of Zeus' forehead. A new blog entry posted this week at Training Industry makes the case that providing training requires a more thoughtful approach than just slapping a certification on your IT guy and turning him (or her) loose. Blogger Richard Gail argues that IT pros, more than ever before, are expected to make decisions. The ability to successfully and independently navigate the series of decisions continually thrust upon them is something that businesses have grown to expect of their IT employees. Gail's point is that most current training methods and practices don't emphasize this crucial piece of the puzzle enough, or sometimes even include it at all. It's a point worth taking the time to explore.


CompTIA Ponders Perfect Stack ... of Certifications


At the end of 2017, tech industry association CompTIA introduced a new approach to thinking about its baker's dozen (or so) of highly popular IT certifications. The new paradigm, from CompTIA's point of view, is to "stack" similar or related certifications and make yourself a more well-rounded IT professional by establishing proficiency in a small handful of IT disciplines instead of in just one. A new post to CompTIA's IT Career News blog this week revisits the concept and attempts to help readers answer the question, "Which stack of certs is right for me?" Blogger Emily Matzelle discusses 12 different stacks that might prepare a given IT professional to succeed in various job roles. If you want to turbocharge your CompTIA certification experience, but you aren't certain which direction to head in, then it's certainly worth taking a few minutes to peruse Matzelle's combos and see whether one suits your fancy.


Happy Birthday to The Cisco Learning Network


If you've been doing the same thing for 10 years, then you must have gotten pretty good at doing that thing, right? Cisco Learning Network, the certification and training arm of computer networking titan Cisco is 10 years old (as of the middle of last week), but doesn't plan to rest on its laurels. A birthday message posted to the Learning News blog affirms that Cisco is "not done yet, not by a long shot" when it comes to helping individuals "grow their IT knowledge and advance their careers through Cisco certifications." In recognition of its new landmark, Cisco Learning Network recently unveiled a site redesign and launched a podcast. So there are new things to see and do, and probably even a birthday cake somewhere. (Like maybe one of those Costco sheet cakes with the berry-and-cream filling in the middle. Mmmm, sheet cake.) If you find the cake, have a slice, and let us know where it is — we'd like to partake as well.