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Certification Watch (Vol. 21, No. 22)

IT Needs Women, CertMag Has Ways to Recruit Them


Why don't more women take up IT professions?The ever-widening skills gap is a source of ongoing concern for many in IT. At least one pool of prospective workers, however, holds vast and largely untapped potential. Despite IT having been a thriving industry for decades, most IT workers are still men. So it's worth noting the emergence, over at, the offical website of Certification Magazine, of a Salary Survey recap that touches on the problem of getting more women involved in IT. It's perhaps most commonly asserted that the biggest problem to solve is finding a way to get more girls to study STEM subjects in school. The Salary Survey results initially appear to concur with that sentiment. That's the clear answer, however, when you ask men why there aren't more women in IT. Women themselves, those already working in IT, have a different consensus opinion. It's worth clicking over to find out what they think.


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