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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 31)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA wants your head in its cloud (so to speak), Microsoft Learning remains bullish about Big Data training and certification, and more.

CompTIA Seeks Beta Testers for New Exam


CW 0802 woman and laptopHow much do you know about cloud computing and cloud technologies? Would you like to know more? There's a great opportunity right now to get a handle on the foundational concepts and technologies of cloud computing, and pass a certification exam to boot. IT industry association CompTIA has just completed its first overhaul of the Cloud+ certification exam that debuted in 2013. The new exam, now available in prerelease beta form, is ready for what you might call its final "live fire" testing phase. As of July 25, CompTIA is offering the first 800 people to register for the new exam a gobsmacking discount: You pay just $50, down from the standard rate of $285. You don't have to be a math whiz to know that's a righteous deal, and working knowledge of cloud computing is a highly valued skill in the current IT jobs market. There are no prerequisites to take the exam, though CompTIA does have some recommendations to guide those curious about how well they might expect to do.


ISACA Blogger Advises Caution Regarding Chip Implants


We live in interesting times. Just in the last 48 hours, it's been reported that American scientists using the CRISPR tool have successfully removed defective genetic material from human embryos. Now there's a new post to the ISACA Now Blog maintained by security and governance association ISACA suggesting that caution should guide those considering the implantation of computer microchips in human workers to serve a variety of purposes. Such chips could, for example, be used to control access to secure facilities and company IT systems. Alarmists both for and against the proposed microchips have raised a hue and cry, but blogger Rebecca Herold, CEO of The Privacy Professor, says that the contentious issue bears careful consideration from all concerned. Herold outlines both the potential benefits and possible risks before discussing at length important questions that must be answered by any enterprise considering the new technology. It's an engrossing take on a timely topic.


Oracle Offers All-Digital Traning and Testing for Cloud Certs


There's something poetic about using cloud computing technology to both train and certify individuals looking to become experts in ... cloud computing technology. That's what you can get right now from the good folks at Oracle Certification. By using an Oracle Cloud Learning Subscription, you can study and train for your exam online, at your convenience. Then, once you've covered the material to your satisfaction, the exam is included in the cost of your subscription. Not only, but remote proctoring technology lets you take the exam any time, from any location that provides reliable internet access. Want to get certified in bed on a Saturday morning? Go for it.