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Certification Watch (Vol. 20, No. 30)

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, CompTIA wants to attend ChannelCon online, Oracle Certification makes test takers an offer they can't refuse, and more.

CW 07 26 AustinChannelCon Online Offers Additional Access to CompTIA Industry Event


With ChannelCon, the annual CompTIA tech industry conference, less than a week away, many certified IT professionals are finalizing travel plans to Austin, Texas — where all of the ChannelCon hustle and bustle is set to unfold — and double-checking accommodations. Even IT types who can't make it to Austin's city limits by Monday, however, can still get a piece of the ChannelCon action if they so desire. ChannelCon Online, the digital flipside of the ChannelCon coin, invites IT pros to attend from home, or at least from wherever they can get connected to the internet, Aug. 1 and 2. There are special sessions targeted specifically to tech professionals, known as Track4Techs, that discuss the ins and outs of technology that working professionals encounter from one day to the next. Among the topics that will be discussed are edge computing, threat hunting, resilient networks, and "The Irreplaceable Help Desk Worker." Registration is required of those wishing to attend, so make your plans now.


Cisco to Networking Professionals: Use Your Words


In information technology (IT) circles, as in many other realms of professional endeavor, there's a great deal of technical language that often sounds like so much indecipherable blarney to those who are not "in the know." When conversing with peers who have the same level of immersion in IT, this is no great impediment to understanding. IT professionals, on the other hand, are frequently required to work with clients and even coworkers for whom specific IT terms are just gobbledygook. This is the jumping off point for a recent post to the VIP Perspectives blog at Cisco Learning Network that discusses the importance of being able to translate one's own high-falutin' terminology for others. A guest blogger identified only as "Daniel" discusses the situation at considerable length. Since this is a Cisco blog, the discussion is specific to the language of IT networking. Even if networking is not where you hang your IT hat, however, the overaching topic of the post and many of its points can be broadly applied.


More Digital Badgering About Digital Badges


Have you heard? There's this new thing called a digital badge. No, really. Both IT certification sponsors and certified professionals have been hearing from various commentators about the onset and usefulness of digital badges for several years now. The latest source to echo the persistent drumbeat is Certification Magazine. A new article from the July issue of the magazine that appeared online this week at discusses the benefits of badging in detail. Not every certification organization has boarded the digital badging bandwagon, but the usefulness to both certified professionals and certification sponsors of badging is getting hard to argue against. The CertMag article is by Diana Gray and Brandye Barrington of Oracle Certification, and Oracle, which now offers digital badges for all its certifications, has lately become a strong voice in favor of badging.