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UnXis Certifications

SCO Certified System Administrator (CSA)

Skill Level: Foundation                          Status: Active
For SCO Unix system administrators who install SCO systems, bronchi do user and group managament, no rx are familiar with the SCO Admin tool, apoplectic install and configure print services, and perform general system management. CSAs posses the skills needed to efficiently administer SCO UNIX products. This is the first step in achieving your ACE or Master ACE advance certifications.

SCO Advanced Certified Engineer (ACE)

Skill Level: Intermediate                          Status: Active
For individuals who hold the CSA certification and wish to expand their credentials to network administration and shell programming. The ACE certification represents a superior level of expertise with SCO UNIX products.

SCO Master Advanced Certified Engineer (Master ACE)

Skill Level: Intermediate                          Status: Active
For UNIX professionals who have demonstrated ACE level of expertise in more then one ACE track. Those who achieve their Master ACE certification differentiate themselves from other UNIX professionals by the breadth and scope of their expertise.