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Social Media Engineering & Forensics Professional Certification (SMEFP)

This vendor-neutral Certification is Offered By:
Ultimate Knowledge Institute (UKI)
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Phone: 888.677.5696
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skill Level: Intermediate                          Status: Pending

Low Cost: Not available               

For individuals who design, implement and operate secure social media solutions. SMEFPs have the knowledge necessary to detect cyber security attacks stemming from social media channels, analyze the impact of the breach, mitigate the risks, and collect necessary evidence of breach for further investigation and possible prosecution.

Initial Requirements:
You must hold a SMSP certification and have a minimum of two (2) years of verified cybersecurity work experience within the SMEFP Common Body of Knowledge, and pass the SMEFP exam. You must also submit an application and pay a $50 processing fee. A 3-day course is available though not required. Course + exam voucher price is $1,745. Subject areas covered include:

Knowledge Domain 1: Social Media Technical Decomposition
Knowledge Domain 2: Social Media Risks
Knowledge Domain 3: Social Media Engineering
Knowledge Domain 4: Social Media Requirement Analysis
Knowledge Domain 5: Social Media Design Analysis and Solutions
Knowledge Domain 6: Social Media Implementation and Integration
Knowledge Domain 7: Social Media Verification and Validation
Knowledge Domain 8: Social Media Secure Operations
Knowledge Domain 9: Social Media Protection Techniques
Knowledge Domain 10: Social Media Monitoring and Detection Techniques
Knowledge Domain 11: Social Media Incident Handling and Forensics

Additional information about SMEFP will be added once available.

Continuing Requirements:
None specified

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