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CompTIA: Tech Industry Has Huge Impact on U.S. Economy

Most people know that information technology is big business. New research by CompTIA adds a dose of perspective to that perception, revealing just how vital to the economy IT can be.

CISSP, CEH and GCIH: Which Is Right for You?

There are many different cybersecurity certifications. Three of the more popular credentials are the CISSP, the CEH, the GCIH. Weighing their various aims and merits can help you determine which to pursue.

U.S. Employment Bounces Back in April

In a sharp reversal of the low numbers reported for March 2017, April’s job numbers jumped back over the 200,000 mark. Overall, however, the unemployment situation is little changed.

Tips to Bucking the Tide of Ageism in IT

As in many realms of professional endeavor, there's a bias against hiring (or retaining) seasoned, mature workers in IT. Being over 40 (or 50), however, doesn't mean that you have to settle for the status quo.

Five Keys to Retaining Tech Staff

Does your employer do a good job of securing and rewarding your loyalty? You might want to compare your workplace to the benchmarks discussed here to see how your current situation measures up.

Roam Free in IT: Plenty of Non-Desk Jobs for the Tech-Savvy

Working in IT doesn't always mean (mostly) sitting at a desk and staring at a computer monitor. There are plenty of jobs that let you work in a variety of tech environments.

Cisco Ventures Into 'Business Value' Certifications

What is a "business value specialist," and how can such experts transform the application of technology in the workplace and in daily living? Cisco Learning Network is exploring this proposition with a new extension of its certification program.

Upcoming (ISC)² Event in Washington, D.C., Has Educational Aim

Many tech industry conferences focus on presentations, exhibitions, and a dash of cocktail lounge ambience. The organizers of CyberSecureGov have a different idea.

CompTIA Dives Deep Into U.S. Tech Sector Employment

The release of CompTIA's annual Cyberstates reports has Ed Tittel in an IT employment state of mind for the second week in a row. There's an enormous amount of excellent data available.

Researchers Poised to Clear Internet of Things Hurdle

German IT researchers want the devices in your home to speak the same digital language — and there may be a breakthrough in sight.

March U.S. Employment Report: Good News and Bad News

The U.S. employment outlook continues to be a hot topic, including inside the IT realm. Ed Tittel sorts through the latest numbers.

Cloud Foundry Foundation Creates New Cert for Developers

There's about to be a whole new way to get your head in the cloud. Cloud Foundry Foundation is addressing the cloud developer shortage with a new certification.

Exam Retirements Signal Pending Changes for Microsoft Learning

It's Golden Acres time for a host of Microsoft Learning certification exams. The mass departure begins today, and will continue in June and September.

Pay-for-Play: Is Professional Video Gaming a New IT Frontier?

Big money video game tournaments have been around for a while. But a new partnership involving both pro sports and e-sports could move gamers closer to the 9-to-5 realm.

Best Certs: Dueling Lists of Wireless Networking Credentials

What happens when you take two lists of the top wireless networking certs and compare them? The clash of connectivity credentials offers fresh insight into a red-hot IT skills boom.

Why Every Project Manager Should Be PMP-Certified

There are a number of options available to aspiring (or current) project managers who are seeking certification and training. One credential in particular, however, stands out above the rest.