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U.S. Jobs: Slow Growth Overall, IT Employment On the Rise

There are signs of improving IT sector employment from the most recent jobs report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The uptick is modest, but the new norm of slow economic growth is continuing.

Stay Safe from Security Breaches with Common Sense

Another day on the internet, another reason to wonder whether your data is safe. There's no quick fix to the problem of cybersecurity, but we can all take simple steps to protect against persistent threats.

Production Note: Happy World Chocolate Day

We apologize for a small hiccup in our usual production schedule. While normal operations are on hold, please enjoy the global celebration of nature's superfood.

Happy 4th of July from Your Friends at GoCertify

How much do you know about the history of the Declaration of Independence of the United States? Celebrate the U.S. observance of Independence Day with another GoCertify holiday quiz!

A Nuanced Take on IT Apprenticeships

Should IT up-and-comers be acquiring their skills via formal apprenticeships? Ed Tittel assesses an unfolding cybersecurity apprenticeship experiment in California guided by Steve Linthicum.

Find Your Footing in Cloud Security with CCSK

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is a partner with (ISC)² on the challenging CCSP credential. CSA's less demanding CCSK certification, however, is a great starting point for tech professionals new to cloud security.

Making the Most of Online Training with MOOCSE

If you aren't already taking advantage of MOOCs to advance your IT education, then you should be. And there's nothing better to maximize your immersion in online learning than MOOCSE.

Are Your IT Skills Hot or Not? (And Does It Matter?)

In the perpetually list- and ranking-driven IT employment realm, there's a continual reshuffling and resetting of which skills and certifications are in demand, and which aren't. Should you pay attention?

Microsoft Virtual Academy Pumps Up Online Offerings (Again)

Need some high-quality training in a variety of cutting-edge IT topics? Microsoft Virtual Academy is taking its training to the next level, and the price is most definitely right.

GIAC Certifications: A Comprehensive Guide for 2017

In the high-stakes information security realm, businesses and organizations are looking for gifted professionals with verified security skills. GIAC certifications are an excellent means of setting yourself apart.

Cisco Reimagines the Business Data Center

Cisco wants to promote a new view of the data center in business as a key resource for securing, aggregating, automating, and extracting insights and competitive advantage from data assets.

Big Data, Security, Database Management: Oracle Offers IT All

Database technology is a vital element of many business operations. Training and certification from Oracle can prepare you to work in a variety of different roles.

U.S. Unemployment Down, But Job Growth Stagnates

The May report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has something for everyone: Good indicators, bad indicators, and a near-historic low in overall unemployment. So is there a clear overall takeaway?

Happy Memorial Day from Your Friends at GoCertify

How much do you know about famous memorials of the United States and the world? Celebrate the U.S. observance of Memorial Day with another GoCertify holiday quiz!

Certification Changes Brewing at Microsoft Learning

There are interesting changes in store for the Microsoft Professional Program, which is preparing to introduce innovative new certification programs for Front End Web Development and Big Data.

Mopping Up After the WannaCry Outbreak

The worldwide ransonmware attack that exploded across the internet on May 12 affected both individual users and large agencies. Here's how it happened, and what to do to keep your system safe.