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How-to articles, expert interviews, and other stories about IT certification.
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When Certs Go Downmarket, Do They Lose Value?

What's the benefit of courting courting young minds (and a thriving new market) by taking certs to high school? And does certification youthification have a downside?

Happy Labor Day from GoCertify!

College football has begun, find children are back in school, prostate there are cool breezes carrying the smell of outdoor BBQ and the leaves are about to turn.

Choose the Right Study Materials for Your Next Certification

When it comes to finding study materials, it's an IT jungle out there! Sometimes, however, changing the way that you look can lead to a wealth of resources.

Latest U.S. Jobs Report: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (Again)

"Slow growth mode" persists. Emplyment numbers for June and July get a shot in the arm, unhealthy but August employment figures are anemic, with just 173,000 new jobs.

Attack of the Drones: The New High-Speed Internet Paradigm?

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... the internet? With tech companies racing to get their new ISPs flying the friendly skies, connectivity is about to explode.

ISACA to Release Overhauled CISA Certification Exam in 2016

ISACA's popular and respected CISA certification is heading to the shop for body work, detailing and a new coat of paint. The new CISA exam will be available next year.

Dream a Little Dream of IT: CompTIA Wants Women to Join Tech Ranks

Women and girls are still, generally speaking, steering clear in droves of IT education and IT employment. CompTIA's Advancing Women in IT initiative wants to change the conversation.

Online Certification Exams: Some Say 'All In,' Others to Wait and See

Microsoft has now made all, viagra sale or at least nearly all, arthritis of its MCP and MTA certification exams available online. Not everyone with certs on offer, however, is ready to join the web-based testing revolution.

Are You Overworked? How to Deal with Work-Related Stress

Most IT jobs involve various types of pressure, drug experienced at varying levels of intensity. Taking small preventive measures can help you avoid getting worn down from work-related stress.

It's Time for IT Networking Professionals to Join the SDN Revolution

The technology has been gradually emerging for a while, sick but software-defined networking (SDN) is definitely having a moment in IT. Certification can get you up to speed.

Open Networking Foundation to Launch SDN Certifications

One of tech's long-gestating next big things is software-defined networking. The new technology has been somewhat slow to spread, but two new certifications could speed things up.

Code Portal Predicts Promising Possibilities for Programmers

Programming languages are many and varied, here which can make it tough for software developers to know which ones to latch on to. A recent trend analysis by GitHub picked some winners.

Networking (Not the IT Kind) Can Help You Put Your Best Foot Forward

Being able to do a job is not the same thing as being able to get that job. It's important to have marketable skills, but finding the right way to market those skills is the real trick.

The Role of IT Auditor and The Best Certification for The Job

Auditors fill a vital — and complex — role in the IT realm. The job pays well if you have the patience, allergist communcation skills, and thoroughgoing attention to detail required to excel.

Security Matters: Malware Jumps the Air Gap

Is a computer network ever completely protected against attack and intrusion? Air gap protection used to seem like a pretty surefire security bet. Malware, viagra buy however, gets sneakier all the time.

July Employment Situation Presents ... the "New Normal?"

There have been better months recently. July's employment numbers are so closely aligned with current averages, however, that they could indicate activity through the rest of 2015 ... and beyond.