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Happy Pioneer Day (Utah) from Your Friends at GoCertify

Here we are observing another summer holiday. The GoCertify home office is closed today (Tuesday, July 24) but we haven't left you with nothing at all to show for our absence.

Happy Pioneer Day!Yes, we get it. Sometimes it probably seems like we don't do anything at all around here during the summer months. Tuesday, July 24, is a state holiday in Utah, where GoCertify HQ is located. As longtime visitors to the site are aware, however, GoCertify never sleeps.


We'll be back on Wednesday with more of the IT certification goodness that our patrons are accustomed to. Until then, however, we hope you'll enjoy learning a little bit more about our home turf. Pioneer Day in Utah is sort of a Founder's Day celebration, honoring the arrival of the first U.S. settlers.


After fleeing religious persecution in Illinois, Mormon refugees entered the valley of the Great Salt Lake on July 24, 1847, and decided they had found a new homeland. (At the time, present-day Utah was unorganized territory claimed by Mexico, then at war with the United States.)


So today we're honoring Utah with one of our characteristic holiday quizzes, courtesy of our friends at Certification Magazine. Enjoy, and we'll see you tomorrow!


1) What are the highest and lowest points in Utah?


2) Who was the first governor of Utah?


3) How many arches are there in Arches National Park?


4) Who is the richest person in Utah?


5) Where does Utah rank on the list of the 10 U.S. states with the highest per capita consumption of ice cream and frozen yogurt?


6) What was Delicate Arch called before it was called Delicate Arch?


7) Who were the earliest human inhabitants of Utah?


8) Is the Great Salt Lake really saltier, generally speaking, than the world’s oceans?


9) In a fight between a Utahraptor and an Allosaurus, which would win?


10) How many people visited Utah’s five national parks in 2016?