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GoCertify wishes you a Happy Labor Day

GoCertify is "closed" for Labor Day, but we didn't want to leave our loyal visitors with nothing to do. As usual, we have a holiday quiz.

New York at NightSalutations from all of us at GoCertify. It's a regular ol' Monday for most of the world. Here in the United States, however, where GoCertify HQ is located, a great many people are kicking back and taking it easy in honor of the, um, hard work, ingenuity and diligence of the legions of honest laborers whose energetic zeal made America great.


To honor that legacy, we've borrowed a short quiz from our friends at Certification Magazine. How much do you know about the history of Labor Day? Let's find out!


1) Who was the first person to propose a U.S. national holiday honoring workers?


2) OK, but who really was the first person to propose a U.S. national holiday honoring workers?


3) Where was the first Labor Day holiday celebrated?


4) Which U.S. state was the first to institute a formal public Labor Day holiday?


5) So when did Congress finally get around to declaring a federal Labor Day holiday?


6) Where is the oldest Labor Day parade in America held?


7) Sure, that was easy, but where is second-oldest Labor Day parade held?


8) Was Woody Guthrie born on Labor Day?


9) Which U.S. states has the highest rate of participation in labor unions?


10) When did the United States formally adopt eight hours as the legal limit for hours worked in a single day?


[See next page for answers!]