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GoCertify Looks Back: Our 10 Most Popular Certification Watch Newsletters of 2017

In this week's roundup of the latest IT certification news, there is no roundup of the latest IT certification news!

It's GoCertify's 10 Most Popular Certification Watch newsletters of 2017!Are we milking it a little? It feels like we might milking the whole Top 10 of 2017 thing a little. Sort of like [SPOILER ALERT!] Luke Skywalker milks that weird looking alien giraffe-walrus thing in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. At least we don't have green milk in our mustache.


(What was up with that thing, right? What does it eat to produce green milk just like Luke — deep cut! — used to pour for himself at dinner at Uncle Owen's moisture farm on Tatooine? And is there an appointed milking hour, or does the alien giraffe walrus just hang out on the rocks all day, in case Luke needs a chug?)


We've already revealed GoCertify's most popular IT quizzes of 2017, as well as our most popular IT certification articles. So why not carry the trend forth to its logical conclusion? We've had almost 50 Certification Watch newsletters so far, but which ones were deemed most engaging by our readers?


We're glad you asked. Just like with our articles, we're referring to Certification Watch newsletters that were new to the site in 2017. (Because, hoo-boy, do some of those old CWs light up our Google Analytics. Um, not.) Without further ado, here are the 10 Most Popular Certification Watch newsletters of 2017:


1) Certification Watch: Vol. 20, No. 16 — Random quotation: "It's become rare in the modern IT realm to be the one person at the office who is not on Facebook, doesn't have a Twitter account, and is not searchable on LinkedIn."


2) Certification Watch: Vol. 20, No. 2 — Random quotation: "The Golden Globes have just been awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is about to announce its Oscar nominations (Jan. 24). This feels like the right time for some IT certification glitz and glamor(.)"


3) Certification Watch: Vol. 20, No. 34 — Random quotation: "We may not yet live in the world of George Jetson, but the Internet of Things is looking more and more like a fast track to getting us there."


4) Certification Watch: Vol. 20, No. 33 — Random quotation: "If the IT certification exam delivery world were one of those old timey formal dances, then Pearson VUE would absolutely be the belle of the ball."


5) Certification Watch: Vol. 20, No. 32 — Random quotation: "The big winners of the 2017 Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship didn't need to tell the postgame press scrum last week that they are going to Disneyland. Because they were already there."


6) Certification Watch: Vol. 20, No. 3 — Random quotation: "Certification exams don't expire, they just retire. Not really in the sense of, "Enjoy this well-earned period of rest and reflection while exploring things you never had time for before," but more along the lines of, "Ugh, you're old and taking up space, it's time to throw you in a home and never visit." (Yeah, it's kind of brutal.)"


7) Certification Watch: Vol. 20, No. 14 — Random quotation: "Among a handful of thoughful suggestions, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) John Deardurff points out that IT is like exercise. You can improve your overall outcome by pursuing more than one form of fitness."


8) Certification Watch: Vol. 20, No. 39 — Random quotation: "In a nutshell, the newest Oracle Certification digital badges look better. That's it, really: a new coat of paint, so to speak."


9) Certification Watch: Vol. 20, No. 26 — Random quotation: "Get a certification and see the world! Or at least, you know, visit Orlando, Fla., and maybe even Anaheim, Calif., if you're really good."


10) Certification Watch: Vol. 20, No. 36 — Random quotation: "Here's a solid bit of IT foolery to end on this week. If you've done anything on Twitter over the past 10 days or so, then there's an excellent chance that you recognize the people in the photo to the right."